Shapes and faces of Beauty

Gwen Madiba founded I AM FASHION & the Safara African Print Fashion Shows. These initiatives were designed to boost participants’ self-esteem while embarking them on a journey of self-love, elevation and discovering African Cultures through fashion, design and empowerment.

On the runway

Anita & Gwen

Gwen and Anita join forces to present their creativity as stylists transform hidden treasure from thrift-store to unique pieces. they bring their contemporary touches in an ever-changing fashion. From old to new, beauty take many shapes.

the shape of a soul

Jerusha Wright is young soul jazz singer, actress, entertainer and model originally from Torronto. She shared with Home of Creative minds her experience on Safara fashion show as 2017.

Curly Hair design

Curly Hair design led by the talented and fashion hair stylist Paula Whitelocke. She always had an interest in textured hair styling and care. For Safara 2017, she   crafted natural and timeless look.  she opened her pandora box to tell the forgotten, but beautiful story of curly hair.

Eldior Sodeck

Marianne Sodogandji – better known as Eldior Sodeck – is a young Beninese living in New York since 2009. Creative, passionate and above all talented, she devotes herself to beauty through art and her subtleties. Mastering the art of staging, El Dior, cameleon, she interprets Beninese fashion with a new look. El Dior Beauty in Benin

Dorisdey Fashions

Dorisdey is a Montreal-based, Ghanaian fashion designer and couturier with a passion for fashion. She aims at creating beautiful and unique clothing for women who want to feel confident and comfortable while looking good. Dorisdey Fashions adds a modern twist to the traditional African attire.

Willy Monfret

Originally from the Guadeloupe Islands (Saint-François, Grande-Terre). Willy Monfret is a French-Caribbean Supermodel/International DJ. He developed his DJ Skills traveling around the world, hitting runways and shooting for prestigious fashion brands such as Ralph Lauren, Azzaro, Benetton, and magazines such as Vogue, and even covers of GQ, Preference, Menʼs Health and many more. He share’s his experiences and new project with HCM during Safara fashion show.